About Adam O. King

King Family Summer of 2013

I was born in the very religious city of Salt Lake in Utah to a loving Mother and Father (Yvonne and Gary) along with three older brothers Nate (beside my Mother), Aaron (beside my Father) and Seth(on the far right). When I was about four years of age, my family moved out east to Michigan where I grew up away from the safety net of being surrounded by those who share the same beliefs as my family and I did. After arriving upon High School graduation, as a part of my religion, I had the opportunity to serve the people in Portugal for two years where I grew to love a culture that was far different from what I was used to in the United States. After my years of service, I moved back west to gain a higher education at Brigham Young University-Idaho. With much thought and consideration, I’ve chosen to study Communications with the intent to start a career in Human Resource.


I am very passionate about culture and the ties that it has to affect everyone. I am people oriented and love to get know everyone on a personable level. Because of my family’s habits, I am very goal driven. Success is something very important to me; Not just financially but, by being a positive voice within the community, a loving Father to my future wife and a role model to my children just as my father was to me. Arnold Schwarzenegger once taught not be afraid of failure and to always give back to the community as well as those around you. I believe In this day in age with the technology at our fingertips, we can reach a much larger audience than those around us. We have to be a positive influence on everything we do.


Adam King
tel. (517) 231-3725


3 thoughts on “About Adam O. King”

  1. Adam, your blog looks fantastic! I love your background image and the simplicity of the layout/style that you have. You have a great introduction video as well as an excellent written introduction of yourself. Marvelous work!


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