Class Summaries

Journalism provides entertainment and news for the people who are not at the location of the even. without journalism, democracy is a farce. Journalism is going through a change. It took a lot of money to set up a press. Right now is the golden age of journalism. The old line companies are finding new ways to become profitable. Organizations with wealth are creating websites that are Writing stories people care about. Elder David A Bednar suggested that we share the gospel through social media.We are blessed to live, learn, and serve. we in our message should be authentic, edifying, and uplifting. Start by being your true self, share something that makes you happy.
1) Read good journalism
2) Consider strongly to become a journalist.
3) Prepare your grammar.
4) Share goodness through social media.

Video Production and broadcasting Journalism:
Video is a very powerful way to show rather than tell. Video production is like recipe, you have a blue print to start our first going through each part scene by scene as if it were a recipe.
Video Production offers a verity of careers such as:
1) Broadcast stations
2) Video productions
3) Compare video
4) Government video
5) Independent
6) Web video
7) Ad agencies
8) PR firms

Many times video broadcasting work with real-time or live events such and sports or weather programs. We were shown a video of a broadcasting trailer for BYU sports. There were multiple screens to pay attention to, each one of them having multiple camera angles of the game. Video Broadcasting has different careers such as:
1) Broadcast Journalist work
2) News Director
3) News producer
4) Assignment Editor
5) Reporter
6) Anchor
7) Videographer
8) Writer
9) Backpack journalist

Visual Communications:
Visual communication is the second largest department within the communications major on campus. People are visual learners. Visual communication can promote whatever we’re passionate about. President Clark said every student should have some visual media background. Though it requires some coding, those who have a some coding are more likely to get hired than those without. Since more careers are requiring more visual media, these employees have higher salaries since they’re able to do more than the average communications graduate. Sister Caryn Esplin’s top tips for choosing this emphasis are:

Pray for the right path
Timing and connections
make it happen don’t wait for it
Customized resumes and letters (for certain companies)
Internships (think about taking an unpaid internship as well)
Network: ask questions and stay in touch with people. Have faith

Public Relations:
Public relation is a planned process to influence public opinion through sound character and proper performance based on mutually satisfactory two-way communication.
Public Relation helps clear up the miscommunication between the company and the public. You get to meet and great a lot of people. They make a lot of videos, power points, visual presentations, press conferences and campaign. Public Relations create pamphlets and handouts. Every company needs a Public Relations department. Public relations the face of the company. They keep the peace between organizations, the government, employees, and the community