Top Five Images

Here are my top five images!



Exposure 1/60 sec
ISO: 320

Exposure: 1/200
ISO: 250
Tripod + help

I wanted to create something that was out of my reach. In the beginning, we were given three words that were chosen out of a bowl; mine were fish, mellow, and create. From there, we were able to add in two other words we wanted too, I chose space and mystery. I’ve always seen commercials like this on the Scifi Channel and I wanted to see if I could create something like it. I went around noon while it was still raining to set up my shot. after I had everything aligned how I wanted it, I had my roommate push the button down for me since I didn’t have a trigger. I took a separate photo of the fish that was in my Boss’s fish tank. Then, with a little bit of masking and color blurring, I had the purplish looking photo I was hoping for. Enjoy!

Themed Series











For my Themed Series, I wanted to go with wood. Everywhere we went there was wood that was being used in different ways. I loved the details in the building and that’s what I tried to capture for this project, Enjoy!

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Title: Minion Pro/Brandon Grotesque
Body: Minion Pro/Brandon Grotesque
Caption: Minion Pro/Brandon Grotesque