Reverse Engineering Post

What is the main purpose of the ad? To provide a functional wedding band for men and women who have active lives. What are the ad’s strengths? The ad shows many options that you can choose from. What are the ad’s weaknesses? The advertisement looks tacky with the run on words and all capitalization of words. […]

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Personal Manifesto

Becoming a Communication graduate, I’ve realized in a world that runs off an iPhone skills and tactics that need to be at your fingertips. Most of the time people love to portray themselves over social media but where most people botch it is in their photos they post. Most people do not have access to Photoshop […]

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Photobook Comm 300

Comm 300 has been one of the most challenging yet rewarding classes I’ve taken in the communication department here at Brigham Young University- Idaho. This photobook contains my best work I’ve taken throughout the semester. Please enjoy this book as much as I did creating it.

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9A Conceptual Challenge

  Fish: Exposure 1/60 sec F/2.8 ISO: 320 Photo: Exposure: 1/200 F/8 ISO: 250 Tripod + help       I wanted to create something that was out of my reach. In the beginning, we were given three words that were chosen out of a bowl; mine were fish, mellow, and create. From there, we […]

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